Combining Interactive Messaging

The current instant messaging technology shows an emerging technology despict more and more chatting products are introduce to the market. The common sense of these phenomenal is that the instant messaging technology is mature enough to support current needs.

History shows that explosion of SMS is not followed by MMS, although MMS technology promise to deliver more than just text. What is wrong with MMS? MMS technology wise has been proven, but market wise? Not much to say.

The instant messaging system can be narrowed down to three main stream, yahoo messenger based, msn based, and xmpp based. The first two is probably well known within their own domain, I’ve nothing much to say about it. Let concentrate to the last one, XMPP based.

The xmpp stands for extensible messaging and presence protocol is the IETF’s formalization of the base XML streaming protocols for instant messaging and presence. The xmpp is developed within the Jabber community since 1999.

I bet the future will be more xmpp based.



Now most popular messasing system use XMPP.